HURAC in Rolpa

Background :

Human Rights Awareness Centre (HURAC) is an non-profit and non-political leading organization in Rolpa. HURAC is established as a Social Development Organization in Rolpa in 2051 BS. HURAC is established for protection and promotion of human rights, uplift the lifestyle of deprived people and communities from basic facilities and to organize human rights related awareness raising and development work. The Social, Economical, Educational status was very low at that time. People were unaware about their Rights. So it was felt necessary to establish efficient NGO in Rolpa.  HURAC after registration in 2053 in District Administration Office, Has been working actively in the Rolpa District.

It organized awareness program in the beginning stage. During ten year's armed conflict HURAC concentrated its work for Human Rights and Peace building. At that time, people believe that those who are ignored and devalued by society in the long term are victims of ‘structural’ violence. Direct violence in Nepal erupted from this underlying structural violence, and to build a lasting peace, everyone in Nepal needs to confront it. HURAC works to raise awareness of this prevailing indirect abuse, to make it visible, and to develop ways to address it in collaboration with those affected by it. In close coordination with National Human Rights commission, UNOHCHR, ICRC HURAC work as local mediator between Government and Maoist. HURAC also create environment for NGO and INGO to work  in Rolpa District (ie GTZ, RRN, CWIN). HURAC had played the major role of as mediator for 6 point aggreement in Rolpa which is base of comprehensive peace aggreement in Nepal.

After Peace process HURAC concentrated its social development activities taking support from Donors, INGOs, NGOs and Local GOs. HURAC has established a community radio in Rolpa to aware people from media mobilization. Radio has been operation different campaign to promote the social status of people. It has high coverage includung through web-internet. Including Rolpa It reaches nerly 15 districts. Around millions people can hear Radio Rolpa. It was established in 2065 Bs with the people support from 3.00 NPRs to 30,000.

HURAC has good long social development experience. HURAC works for remote and socio-culturally highly vulnerable people,  based on need and demand of vulnerable people.

It is devoted in the Rolpa district for the betterment of Health, livelihood, Education as well as social concerns of the people. HURAC has adopted the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) approach, which is the best approach for success of project. HURAC has highly experiences to implement technical and social mobilization activities in result oriented community development projects with approach of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) for increasing transparency and accountability in the delivery of project benefits.

HURAC has established toll free number to promote community participation to improve the project and to complete successfully. Timely monitoring and feed back mechanism support the betterment of people. HURAC has good coordination with in the district with local development organization, offices, NGOs and INGs So as a Reputed organization HURAC can implement and complete the program successfully with proper output and outcome.


Vision:     To build equitable Idle society.

Mission:  To build prosperous, aware and developed society

Goal:  Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, promotion of Social Justice, Social
                Awareness Raising, Poverty alleviation through social development.


·         Make effort to guarantee Basic Education and Health as well as minimize the effects from climate change effect.

·         Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Child Rights and Women Rights, improving livelihood, health & nutrition, agriculture and so on.

·         Make effort to ensure the future of deprived from going to school children. Effort for formal and non formal education for deprived.

·         Coordinate with Government Office, NGO, INGO, Donors, UN Agencies and concerning for development of Human Development.

·         Coordinate and cooperate with such GO, NGO and INGOs who have similar objective with the organization.

·         Carry out the effort for Informative, technical and Income generating activities with close coordination with Development stakeholders.

·         Promote awareness campaign to eliminate the discrimination of Untouchability and Gender.

·         Establish and Operate FM Radio and TV to make mass awareness.

·         Advocate and conduct the activities to insure right to education and health for children.

·         Media and social mobilization to reduce gender discrimination and promote access of marginalized community in fundamental right.


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